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Alpha Gamma Rho Nationals Information

 Email:            Major: Horticulture Science          Year: Junior

Alpha Gamma Rho was founded upon brotherhood, education, and agriculture. As brothers of ΑΓΡ, we strive to excel in all of these aspects. Our motto, "To Make Better Men", is a goal we set out to accomplish each and every day. To the brothers of Nu Chapter, ΑΓΡ is a college home away from home. We emphasize brotherhood through belonging, solidarity, social involvement, and accountability. At Nu Chapter, we want to see every man leave the organization as a lifelong brother, who is fully prepared for all that life has to offer him!

Email:            Major: Poultry Science                 Year: Junior

Our History:

Alpha Gamma Rho Nu Chapter is a social-professional agricultural fraternity located at North Carolina State University. Founded on March 15, 1919, Nu Chapter strives to make better men, and through them a broader and better agriculture. While Alpha Gamma Rho was founded as an organization strictly for undergraduate students pursuing an agriculturally related degree, we are not agriculturally exclusive and have previously had brothers in the Colleges of Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences and others at NC State!

Scholarship:  Cooper McAuley

ΑΓΡ Nu Chapter 1948

House Operations: Zach Hale

Alumni Relations:  Austin Gilliard

ΑΓΡ Nu Chapter 1980 Caldwell Cup Winners

Email:                       Major: Ag-Science                                     Year: Sophomore

Mission and Values

 Email:               Major: Ag-Education                 Year: Junior

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Planning:  Thomas Wike

  • Where We're From: 
    • ​​Currently have brothers from NC, VA, & NJ
  • Alumni Presence:
    • ~1300 alumni spread across the United States
    • One Alumni named to Alpha Gamma Rho Presidents Achievement Society
  • ​Professional Connections:
    • ​Recently we've had brothers go to work for Smithfield, Helena, Pilgrims, as bio-energy engineers, and many others!

Our Executive Board:

Email:            Major: Ag-Business Management  Year: Sophomore

Fast Facts:

Nationally, Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1904 at Ohio State University, and has since expanded to over 70 campuses nationwide. Alpha Gamma Rho has had approximately 70,000 total initiates since its creation.

Nu Chapter was founded on March 15, 1919 as the 13th chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho. Since our founding, over 1300 men have been part of our brotherhood. In Nu Chapters time at NC State, our brothers have encompassed a wide variety of men: from campus club leaders to varsity athletes, our brothers have always held an outstanding presence on campus. Nu Chapter has been the recipient of the Caldwell Cup and Fraternity of the Year award numerous times at NC State; most recently receiving the Fraternity of the Year award in 2018! In the future, Nu Chapter looks to strive for continued success and excellence at NC State, as well as to our 100th Founder's Day on March 15, 2019!

Following Graduation, Nu Chapter has seen brothers go on to pursue careers in the military, in government, in commerce, in education, in technology, and of course in agriculture. After graduation, our members can remain an active part of the chapter through involvement in our alumni association, Nu Club!

Email:      Major: Ag-Science                      Year: Sophomore

Brothers Participating in Intramural Sports, 2000

 Email:                  Major: Ag-Education                             Year: Junior

​​Email:                Major: Civil Engineering                      Year: Junior

Email:                  Major: Ag-Business                               Year: Sophomore

Email:            Major: Ag-Business                   Year: Junior

  • Chapter Size: 33 Active Brothers
  • House Size: 9-man house
  • Dues: $600 a semester
  • Awards:
    • 2015-2016 NC State Fraternity of the Year
    • 2017-2018 NC State Fraternity of the Year
    • 2015-2018 AGR Gold Status Chapter
  • Campus Involvement:
    • 4 Brothers members of Order of Omega
    • 25% of Chapter hold leadership positions in on-campus clubs

Nu Chapter Homecoming Week 1950

President:  Lawson Honeycutt

Save the Date!:

- Nu Chapter 100th Founder's Day: March 15, 2019

-2019 Founder Day Celebrations: March 23, 2019

Who We Are:

Finance:  Matt Taylor

Recruitment:  Amos Lanier