Planning:  Nathan Honeycutt

Our Executive Board:

Email:                Major: Poultry Science                    Year: Junior

Alpha Gamma Rho was founded upon brotherhood, agriculture, and education. At NCSU, we strive to excel in all of these aspects as brothers of ΑΓΡ. Our motto is to make better men. We accomplish this through many leadership seminars and activities, as well as brotherhood bonding programs. ΑΓΡ is a social and professional Agricultural fraternity. This allows our brothers to not only network across NC State’s campus, but also in the professional agriculture industry.

Who We Are:

Alpha Gamma Rho is not merely a social order, we are also a professional fraternity. Our motto "Making Better Men" is not just words we say, it is a creed that we live by. We push our members to  better themselves physically, academically, spiritually, and socially. During the semester we hold various events with other Greek and on-campus organizations, charity groups, and agricultural based societies. Our goal is for our members to leave the college and chapter better than it was when they got here. 

Mission and Values

Email:              Major: Forest Management       Year: Sophomore

Email:    Major: Poultry Science                      Year: Junior

Email:     Major: Sustainable Materials & Tech     Year: Junior

Email:            Major: Construction Engineering        Year: Sophomore

Membership Development:  Lawson Honeycutt

Noble Ruler:  Ben Cauthen

Alumni Relations:  Joe Ogburn

Email:               Major: Ag-Business                               Year: Junior

Activities:  Cole Mullis

Scholarship:  Garrett Barringer

Email:            Major: Engineering                     Year: Freshman

Email:            Major: Ag-Business                                   Year: Freshman

Recruitment:  Carter Jones 

Email:                 Major: Political Science                             Year: Sophomore

Risk Management:  Adam Skrzecz

Our History:

Finance:  Ben Alig​

​​Email:                Major: Bio and Ag Engineering            Year: Junior

Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1904 at Ohio State University, and has since expanded to almost 70 campuses nationwide. AGR has historically been strictly an agricultural fraternity, but we have since expanded our membership to those people pursuing careers in agriculture, food and fiber, natural resources, life sciences and related fields.

The NC State Chapter was founded in 1919 as the 13th Alpha Gamma Rho chapter. Since our founding nearly 1300 young men have been part of our organization. After graduation members can remain an active part of the chapter through our extensive group of alumni spread throughout the state and country. 

Standards:  Eric Bolick