Before a someone becomes a new brother he must attend a series of recruitment events to meet the brothers and then go through an interview process. If he is granted a bid he then goes through an initiation ceremony and then is a full brother. New brothers are required to take and pass a semester long class about the traditions and history of Alpha Gamma Rho. The class also provides professional development opportunities. There is absolutely no hazing or pledging in Alpha Gamma Rho.

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What is the initiation process?

The North Carolina State University chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho has forty-three brothers in membership.

​Dues for Alpha Gamma Rho are $500 a semester. These are the lowest on campus. These dues go to pay for the National dues and NCSU dues. They also go towards paying for the rest of the events that AGR hosts throughout the semester such as retreats and philanthropies as well as professional and social events.

​​College is a a new experience for students as well as parents, and joining a fraternity can be shadowed with certain bad stigmas that worry many parents. Our advisor, Dr. Main's, email is and he would be happy to talk about AGR and how we are different than these stereotypes. If you would like more information about AGR you can find it on AGR National's For Parents page.​

My parents are skeptical.​

How much are dues?

What if I am not involved in Agriculture?


How big is the chapter?

There are several brothers that do not have agriculture degrees. Evan is majoring in Zoology and Cody is majoring in political science. We also have several brothers in the College of Natural Resources. Not all the brothers come from agriculture backgrounds but many of them do. Many of our brothers were involved in FFA and 4H throughout highschool.