Do you have a house?

Nu Chapter is not agriculturally exclusive. We welcome members in many different fields and degree programs. Currently, we have brothers in the College of Engineering, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Natural Resources, College of Business, and College of Sciences.


2020 VP of Recruitment: Jacob Cheers

My parents are skeptical.​

What if I am not involved in Agriculture?

How much are dues?

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​Dues for Alpha Gamma Rho are $600 a semester. We are one of the most affordable organizations at NC State. These dues go to pay for the National dues and NCSU dues. They also go towards paying for the rest of the events that AGR hosts throughout the semester such as retreats and philanthropies as well as professional and social events.

We do! Our current chapter house holds 9 men and is located 1402 Varsity Drive, Raleigh NC 27606 (see map to right). The house is managed by NC State, which means cleaning, yard-work, and upkeep are all handled by NC State Facilities. The current cost to live in the house is about the same as living in a dorm at NCSU (~$3000 a semester).

The North Carolina State University chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho currently has thirty-three active brothers.

How big is the chapter?

Find our chapter house location here!

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​​College is a a new experience for students as well as parents, and joining a fraternity can be shadowed with certain bad stigmas that worry many parents. Feel free to have your parents reach out to our president to discuss how Nu Chapter does not align with these stigmas. If you would like more information about AGR you can find it on AGR National's For Parents page.​