Become a Part of a Long Tradition of Success


Academics: The Reason We're at NC State

One thing that membership in a fraternity provides a man is brotherhood. A fraternity is the only place on campus that a man can find true brotherhood. Any fraternity will tell you that their brotherhood is the best, but at Nu Chapter we truly believe our brotherhood is a step above others. Nu Chapter values four main areas of brotherhood: solidarity, social involvement, belonging, and accountability. Nu Chapter exhibits solidarity through our continued support and encouragement of our brothers. We encourage social involvement by hosting retreats, formals, functions, founders days, and many others. Belonging at Nu Chapter is seen in the "home-away-from-home" feel that we strive to create. Finally, accountability comes from us holding our brothers to a higher standard; a standard that truly does make better men. As a brother in Nu Chapter, you will experience a lifelong bond with the brothers around you. Brotherhood is alive and well at Nu Chapter; enjoying all that brotherhood has to offer is a great reason to join Alpha Gamma Rho Nu Chapter!

College classes can be some of the most frustrating and difficult experiences an individual undertakes in their lifetime. At Alpha Gamma Rho Nu Chapter, we pride ourselves on supporting our brothers both outside and inside the classroom. We heavily emphasize academic excellence and strive to see our brothers succeed in the classes they take.  Nu Chapter brothers frequently signup to take similar class sections and even meet up for group study hours once a week to ensure that we are all upholding a high academic status. Becoming a member of Nu Chapter will mean that you have the resources necessary to be a successful student at NC State! 

College can be a difficult and frightening place when first arriving to campus. Studies have shown that students who become involved on campus are much happier during their undergraduate tenure, as well as much more likely to graduate. Alpha Gamma Rho Nu Chapter is an excellent place for students to become involved and to get connected! Becoming a brother in AGR can provide you with many connections to joining other organizations on campus. Our brothers currently serve on the leadership of the Student Government, Ag Business Club, Ducks Unlimited Chapter, NWTF Chapter, and many more at NC State! Following graduation, connections are everything in today's job market. AGR can provide that connection, as we have brothers in many fields, including the agriculture field, engineering field, poultry field, education field, and many others! Joining Nu Chapter could potentially be the path to gaining the job of your dreams after graduation!

One thing Nu Chapter boast over many fraternities is our long lived and proud history. Nu Chapter was founded on March 15, 1919. Since then, Nu has seen over 1,300 brothers pass through the halls of our chapter houses. Nu's brother's have included NC State athletes, campus leaders, and much more. Following graduation, we've had men go on to serve the country, both in the military and in government, start their own businesses, or even return home to take over their own families operation. Whatever the case, Nu Chapter produces successful men. Our motto: "To Make Better Men" is a task we take very seriously, as we desire to see our brothers develop into successful members of their community. This is a result we have seen time and time again of our men for nearly 100 years. In more recent times, Nu Chapter itself has been highly decorated as an entity that symbolizes success. Nu has been awarded Fraternity of the Year at NC State in 2016 and again in 2018. We have been a Gold Status Chapter with Alpha Gamma Rho Nationals for the past 3 years. Nu has also been named a Caldwell Chapter at NC State for both 2017 and 2018. Additionally, Nu Chapter consistently ranks among the top fraternities at NC State in GPA. Throughout our time at NC State, Nu has had a lot of success to boast about. We would love to see you become a part of that success!

Connections: On Campus and After College